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This person will serve as a support to our Community Growth Strategist through the day-to-day execution of social media management and Facebook marketing strategy, content marketing strategy, as well as interacting heavily with our community through our Facebook groups and Affiliate Program. This person will be responsible for analyzing data to determine which initiatives work best and capitalize on this information to continue scaling the digital properties under their purview. The ideal person for this position is warm, energetic, extroverted, enthusiastic, has excellent in-person and written communication skills, an affinity for all things marketing, excellent attention to detail, and a task-oriented personality.

This is a fully remote contractor position starting at 10 hours a week with most hours completed during typical work hours Mon-Fri 9-5 Mountain Time.

Hourly pay is commensurate with experience.


Instagram Management:
-Daily participation in conversations that surround our content and brand, answer comments, be a mediator on Social, responding to comments and customer queries in a timely manner that come through social channels.
-Be aware of current IG trends, styles etc to help create relevant content for feeds
-Build relationships with followers via social media interactions + community initiatives
-Engage with tagged posts and brand mentions
-Repost relevant brand content and social proof
-Proactively reach out through DMs
-Engage with content found through relevant hashtags
-Monthly hashtag research and updating of hashtag bank
-Load, schedule & post Instagram Stories
-Write compelling Instagram captions
-Schedule Instagram feed posts

Facebook Group Management:
-Create engaging posts and events for members to actively engage in
-Remind followers of weekly events, giveaways, challenges, etc
-Run daily prompts & activities for members
-Facilitate FB Lives & exclusive member Q+As
-Stay ahead of and up-to-date on FB Group trends
-Curate relevant content to reshare in group
-Manage content workflow & needs with Graphic Designer
-Participate in execution of general FB strategy

Facebook Page Management:
-Ensure content is syndicated to Facebook and relevant links are updated
-Update FB page details and links regularly
-Report Key Performance Indicators for community growth and engagement

General Content Support:
-Gather and catalogue ideas from our members
-Be aware of current trends, style etc to help create content for various social outlets
-Brainstorm content/sales/marketing strategy as it relates to your community

Ideal Qualifications for Community Manager:
-3-5 years of social media management experience
-Proficient using multi-social posting programs
-Strong computer skills using Google Drive
-Relevant experience determining a target audience and how to cater unique marketing campaigns to capture their attention
-Strong understanding of marketing strategy and how to effortlessly utilize these concepts throughout various forms of outreach