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Imagine you are standing in the kitchen, completely in control of the dinner-making process. You breathe in a cleansing breath before diving into your late afternoon routine of pulling out the prepped ingredients, knowing you have EVERYTHING you need on hand. You’re actually excited to get into the swing of it, and you produce a meal that each person in the family can enjoy. And just for a little extra zing, you have dessert ready to throw into the mix! 

We’ve seen this system transform people's relationship with cooking, shopping, and meal planning — and it’s been an amazing journey!

Jordan’s passion for cooking started out of necessity — feeding a family of ten (plus friends!) is no easy task, but as she hit every new milestone in her personal cooking adventures, she grew more in love with finding the best recipes, simple swaps, and delicious new takes on traditional faves. Add in the idea of saving money on your shopping journey (without using coupons!), and Jordan’s cooking magic came to life. Her method is called Shelf Cooking™, and it is taking the world by storm! 


Grab your apron and get ready to change the way you look at food for the rest of your life.

Use what’s on hand. Kick butt in the kitchen!

Shelf Cooking™ simply helps you use the ingredients you already have on hand while supplementing with fresh new ingredients, not the other way around.

From the all-inclusive cookbook (that’s really more like having the best home cooking teacher in the kitchen with you!) — to a curated weekly meal plan sent straight to your inbox, complete with prep guide and shopping list (hello Fri-yay!) – you can’t go wrong!

We promise!

Meal time made painless, fun, and frugal. 

Everything cooking at The Page Co centers on the concept of saving money by using what you have on hand first, instead of what you don’t. We know it can be slightly thrilling to get on Pinterest and shop all the most glamorous looking meals out there. But once you’ve chosen the meals, created your shopping list, and marked off what you have on hand — you’re left with quite the grocery list staring down both you AND your pocketbook! 

Jordan coined the phrase “Shelf Cooking™” when she started curating meals that use what you have on hand in your fridge, freezer or pantry. It’s such a simple concept that has a HUGE impact. Get ready to enjoy using up your leftovers, stop the food waste, and make the best meals of your life!

Here are all our basic guidelines, with some amazing printables, yours completely free!

STEP ONE . Set a grocery budget
STEP TWO . Inventory the food you have and organize your pantry
STEP THREE . Meal plan with our free dinner idea printables
STEP FOUR . Go shopping armed with our ride or die grocery shopping tips.

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Become a Shelf Cooking™ pro with our cookbook!

Grab your apron and toss that towel over your shoulder because this book will change the way you approach cooking forever.

Be prepared to surprise even yourself with how you evolve as a cook and connoisseur of delicious meals that would probably win your favorite cooking show challenge. Conquer the kitchen with —

✓ Meal Planning 101
✓ Clever Ingredient Substitutions 
✓ Grocery Shopping tips, tricks and hacks
✓ Specific solutions to common dinner dilemmas
(including picky eaters, a house full of teens, etc.)
✓ Hundreds of delicious, affordable recipes

We’re just scratching the surface here — snag your copy and be prepared to surprise your family — heck, you may even invite your MIL over for dinner. 

Weekly Meal Plans, Straight to your Inbox.

At the Page Co, we know life gets crazy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur mom who works from home, someone who loves volunteering for all things, or simply don’t have time to get the calendaring, prep notes, recipes, and all together — enter our Meal Plan Subscription, stage left. From dinner and sides to desserts, we’ve done all the research. We pull together weekly meals that are seasonal and use every bit of groceries to ensure you’re not wasting a thing. 

For $9 a month, enjoy —

✓Curated meal plans (5 per week, including sides and 2 desserts)
✓ Meal prep action steps
✓ A grocery list, outlined by food type, with a key that lets you easily identify which meals go with the various items to expedite shopping time
✓ Ideas on swaps for ingredients
✓ Family table talk ideas
✓ Customizable weeks if you don’t love the choices

Simply sign up today to start living the dream and take your meals to the next level.


"Finally, a meal plan that works for my family! I am so happy to take meal planning off of my mental load, and my family finally likes what I make. We are saving on our monthly food bill and I am so much less stressed. So happy I subscribed to this!"

-- Gina Bhatti

What customers are saying...


"Dinner (for the last 19 years) has been the most frustrating part of adulting for me. This subscription has made dinner-time go from frustrating (for everyone involved -chef (me) and all required to eat the “that was a solid effort” meals) to a much happier experience. We ate out a TON because of said cooking skills. Now we save a ton of cash not eating out all the time and all my-eating-out-spoiled-foodies actually love these meals! Serious this has been a GAME-CHANGER!!" 

- Leslie Simmons


"My favorite cookbook! I’ve been looking for the best cornbread, wheat bread, and banana bread recipes and this book has them all. Plus, her “build your own” recipes are amazing! Just so much helpful info for a busy mom who really wants to make delicious meals for her family."

- Abbey Hales


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