Focused In 2022 Google Calendar Events


The Focused in 2022 Google Calendar events can be used alone or as the perfect accompaniment to our Focused In 2022 PDF calendar! Add all of our Focused themes and challenges to your Google Calendar with the click of a button! Each event's description includes more details and links to important information. Never forget a challenge, and follow along with themes to make 2022 the best year yet! These year-long calendar events have monthly themes and weekly challenges to help you budget, get organized, stress less, and have the best year of your life.

  • Each month has a theme—something to work on in your life that will make you an absolute rockstar.
  • Each week has unique challenges. Try them! Do them! Get your friends and family involved! They will make your life better if you follow through.
  • Participate on social media using the hashtag #FocusedIn2022 for pictures and status updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!


The calendar events link is intended only for the original purchaser to whom it was sent for personal home use. It is not to be shared or distributed in any form.

The Focused in 2022 Google Calendar Events are optimized for use with Google Calendar on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet. While you may be able to sync these events with other digital calendar services, is not optimized for use with Apple iCal Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or any other app/softwares/platforms.