Buildable Planner System | PreOrder

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Buildable Planner System | PreOrder - Tan cover with sets 1 and 2 is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

The Ultimate Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Planner! 

Why spend hundreds of dollars on planners that are full of things you don’t want or need? With our Page Company Buildable Planner System, you get to decide what’s important to you! This beautiful and functional on-the-go system is a wallet, planner, and sanity saver, all in one. Here’s how it works: 

Our Buildable Planner System bundle includes:

  • 1 vegan leather cover with interior pockets and wallet features. Choose between: Tan, Daisy, Dark Brown, and Cream.
  • 1 Pagelet 4-pack set of choice. Choose between:
    • Set #1 includes:
      • Price Notebook
      • Budget Tracker
      • Year-at-a-Glance
      • The Note Book
    • Set #2 includes:
      • The Meal Planner
      • Block Schedule 
      • Fitness Tracker
      • To Do Book

*Note: Pagelets cannot currently be mixed-and-matched. See more below. 


-Block ScheduleTM Pagelet: Take our viral Block Schedule system on-the-go! This innovative planner system allows you to not only schedule your day, but also your to-do list. Break your day into manageable time blocks, creating space for work, family, errands, appointments, tasks, and even “me” time. 

-Budget Tracker Pagelet: A portable take on our viral budgeting system! Track your income, bills, expenses, spending, debt, and more. This is the budgeting technique that will finally work for you and your financial goals!

-Fitness Tracker Pagelet: Make your health a priority…in an approachable way! Set goals, track your water, log your meals, record your fitness/movement milestones, gratitude, sleep, and more. Enjoy being able to look back at your amazing progress!

-The Meal Planner Pagelet: Don’t reinvent the wheel every night. This pagelet will solve your dinnertime dilemmas by helping you plan meals for the week (and beyond!), keep your fridge, freezer, and pantry inventory up-to-date, build your shopping list, and save your sanity - all in one.

-The Notebook Pagelet: A blank, beautiful place to capture all of your important thoughts and ideas, those “don’t forget” moments and anything else you need to get down on paper and take along with you! 

-Price Notebook Pagelet: The price is…right? Wrong? This Pagelet can help! Beautifully designed to help you track prices for all your commonly-used consumable goods. This will not only help you instantly spot the best deals, keep your grocery budget in check, confirm whether buying something in bulk is worth it or not, and know when to stock up, but it will help you become a black belt Shelf Cooking ninja. 

-The To Do Book Pagelet: Let’s manage that never-ending to-do list! Meticulously designed checklists and columns to help you take all those pesky tasks that are swirling in your brain, and get them onto paper. Use this Pagelet, especially in conjunction with our Block Schedule Pagelet, and enjoy less stress, more me-time, and better sleep! 

-Year-at-a-Glance Calendar Pagelet - Ol’ faithful…but better. With 12 (undated) month calendars, plus handy monthly productivity snapshots, enjoy tracking events, birthdays, vacations, meetings, appointments, priorities, tasks, and more!


  • Page Count: varies, approx 70 pages each
  • Pagelet dimensions: 8 1/2" x 5 3/8"
  • Cover dimensions: 9" x 7"
  • GSM: 100

Additional Pagelet info:

For this first-ever, limited-run batch, the sets of four are shrink-wrapped together and can’t be interchanged. We are hoping that we will be able to place bigger orders and allow you to create your own custom Pagelet sets very soon! In the meantime you can add on the second set at a 50% discount so you have all 8 to choose from, or find a friend to swap Pagelets with!

Single Pagelet refills will be available, coming soon!